2023 new pink resin chastity girly resin chastity big boobs



Discover the perfect fit and ultimate security with our Chastity Rings, featuring three sizes and a high-quality cage. Take control or trust your partner with the lock and keys, while enjoying discreet storage in a luxurious velvet bag.

2023 new pink resin chastity girly resin chastity big boobs $69.99$99.99

Chastity rings come in three sizes – 52mm, 46mm, and 42mm – so you can pick the one that fits best.The medium 46mm size is suitable for most people, providing a good balance of snugness and flexibility. But the larger 52mm and smaller 42mm sizes give you more options to get the perfect personalized fit for your needs and maximum comfort as you embark on this new experience.

Included in this package is a high-quality cage, ensuring the utmost security during wear. It also includes a lock and two keys so you can feel in control – either locking yourself in or trusting your partner to hold the key.

To keep your chastity device safe and discreet, we have included a luxurious velvet bag for storage.

After undergoing multiple training sessions, you’ll discover the ability to comfortably wear rings of various sizes. However, for this particular product’s design, the 46mm ring is generally recommended, which is similar to a 50mm stainless steel curved ring. It’s akin to a person transitioning between different partners and realizing that they can adapt to any individual, yet no one truly matches them perfectly. that’s the beauty of it.

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