CX056 Chastity Cage Nub of HT V3 With 4 Size


Innovative locking chastity device made of 100% biosourced resin. Perfect fit, cannot be removed once locked. Set includes 4 rings, 1 cage, and high-quality Magic Locker with 2 keys. Easily restored with hot water.

CX056 Chastity Cage Nub of HT V3 With 4 Size $42.99
Color/TypeBlack, Transparent, Pink Penis Rings
Material100% Biosurced Resin
Cock Cage DimensionNANO: 3.23 inches (Length); SMALL: 3.82 inches (Length); STANDARD: 4.02 inches (Length); MAXI: 4.33 inches (Length)

Material: 100% Biosurced Resin

The new locking design enables it is more fit to human body. The cage is inserted into the inside of the ring. Once the cage in place, it is impossible to remove the device.

Numbers of air vents: 3
The whole set contains:

  1. 4 different size of rings.
  2. 1 Cage
  3. 1 Magic Locker (high quality) with 2 keys.

4 different Rings: 36mm/40mm/45mm/50mm
Cage size: the cages diameter is about 82mm(3.23”);
Nano: inside length is about 97mm (3.82inch)
Small: inside length is about 102mm (4.02inch)
Standard: inside length is about 48mm (1.89inch)
Maxi: inside length is about 110mm (4.33inch)

Warming Tips:
Resin has the characteristics of expanding with heat and contracting with cold.
If the received item presents the following situations, such as deformation, unfitness of ring and cage,
just soak this item in the hot water for two minutes and then it will be normal,
which is the feature of the resin, not the quality issue of this item.

Additional information

Color: No selection

Black, Pink, Transparent

Size: No selection

Maxi, Nano, Small, Standard


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