CX136 Stainless Steel Chastity Cage 2.95 Inches


Unlock a world of pleasure and control with our stainless steel chastity cage featuring a urethral catheter – a masterpiece of desire and restraint.

CX136 Stainless Steel Chastity Cage 2.95 Inches $45.99

Device is made of stainless steel and its surface is polished.

Ring has 4 sizes (inner diameter) can be selected: 1.49” (38 mm), 1.69” (43 mm), 1.89” (48 mm), 2.05” (52 mm).

Cage length is about 2.95” (75 mm).

Cage inner diameter is about 1.26” (32 mm).

Drain tube length is about 7.48” (190 mm).

Drain tube diameter is about 0.315” (8 mm).

These sizes may have a little error because it’s made by hand.

Weight is about 185 grams.

Additional information

Ring Diameter: No selection

1.49 inches, 1.69 inches, 1.89 inches, 2.05 inches


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