CX143 Electric Shock Anal Plug Chastity Lock Set


Unleash electrifying desires with our stainless steel male chastity innovation. Experience the fusion of restraint and stimulation like never before.

CX143 Electric Shock Anal Plug Chastity Lock Set $79.99

Material:Stainless Steel,ABS,etc

Cage Ring Diameter: 1.57/1.77/1.97

(it comes without battery and use manual )


Electronic shock therapy.

Stimulate the backflow of lympg.

Relieve fatigue,Promote blood circulation .


Because the power have a strong electro shock feeling , if it is the first time

to use the eletro shock medical toys ,please turn to the minimum frequency

when you open the power takes the parts close the human body.

Please do not disassemble maintenance the power box ,In order to avoid damage to the power box .

Additional information

Ring Diameter: No selection

1.57 Inches, 1.77 Inches, 1.97 Inches


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