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3D Printed Spiked Vagina Shaped Chastity Cage For Sissy

3D Printed Spiked Vagina Shaped Chastity Cage For Sissy

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This Pussy Vaginal 3D Printed BDSM Male Spiked Cock Cage For Sissy is constructed of durable, breathable nylon resin material. This secure and comfortable cage is designed for long-term chastity wear. Additionally, its internal teeth and spikes ensure that firmness is not achieved and offer a painful warning against trying.



Package includes:

1 * cage

1 * ring

1 * integrated lock


Cage Sizes:

XS: Total length : 60mm - Internal width 35mm

S: Total length : 70mm - Internal width 36mm

M: Total length : 85mm - Internal width 37mm

L: Total length : 90mm - Internal width 37mm

XL: Total length : 108mm - Internal width 38mm


Base Rings Sizes:

42mm ring

46mm ring

48mm ring

53mm ring

60mm ring


Pls:All dimensions are measured manually with deviation ranged(±)3mm.


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