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EC004 Electric Plastic Chastity Cage

EC004 Electric Plastic Chastity Cage

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Note: Does not include motors. If you need a motor, you must purchase it separately:


Material: Plastic
Product include:
1 chastity cage
3 ring sizes
1 padlock
1 cable (2.5 jack termination)
2 rubber electrodes


Ring Diameter (mm): 42-45-47
Cage Length 75 mm
Inner diameter: 35 mm














Strong points
Lightweight: Perfect for dynamic men looking for submission.
Ergonomic: The different sizes of the cock ring included in the cage guarantee you a good fit.
Oval Ring: Increases the lightness of the wallets, they are pressed tightly against the length of the cage tube to reduce their wobbling.
Padlock-lock: For bondage enthusiasts who like to hear the "click" that heralds the beginning of abstinence.
Electrostimulation: Rubber electrodes electrify the inside of your penis through the glans, testicles and urethra. Electricity contracts the Corpora Cavernosa like an erection.
Central slot: placed at the end of the penis, you can urinate easily.
Quality materials: plastic cage for medical use.
Easy to clean: wash the cage in lukewarm water and disinfect it with a mild, odorless soap.

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