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EC006 Plastic Electric Chastity Cage

EC006 Plastic Electric Chastity Cage

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Cage Length

Note: Does not include motors. If you need a motor, you must purchase it separately:

Material: Plastic
Electrode Material: Conductive Silicone
Cage supplied with
4 ring sizes
1 connection cable to the electrodes (socket 2.5)
1 Plug in the urethral electrical stimulation
1 stock exchange electrode
1 brass lock with 2 keys
5 one-way padlocks

Ring dimensions
Diameter (mm): 37-40-45-50

Connector diameter: 6 to 8 mm
Cage dimension
Length x width:
101mm x 31mm (Large)
82 mm x 30 mm (Short)

Strong points
Lightweight: Ideal for dynamic men looking for submission.
Ergonomic: The different sizes of the rings supplied with the cage ensure good support.
Oval ring: improves comfort at the level of the wallet. The latter are pressed tightly against the tube of the cage to limit their swaying.
Different types of locks: Possibility to lock the cage either with an internal lock or with a one-way padlock.
Electric urethral probe: To guarantee you deep contractions and unexpected sensations.
Testicular electrode: To quickly stop your attempts at erection.

Breathable: Has several ventilation holes arranged around the entire wall.
Central slot: Located at the end of the penis and used for easy urination.
Quality materials: top quality plastic cage.
Easy to clean: wash the cage in lukewarm water and clean it with a mild, odorless soap.
Ergonomic: delivery with 4 ring sizes for precise adaptation to your morphology.

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