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EC007 E-stim penis cage for men

EC007 E-stim penis cage for men

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Cage Length

Note: Does not include motors. If you need a motor, you must purchase it separately:

Material: PC
Electrode Material: Conductive Silicone

Cage supplied with
4 ring sizes
1 connection cable to the electrodes (socket 2.5)
1 urethral plug for electrical stimulation
1 stock exchange electrode
6 padlocks (1 in brass + 5 in plastic)

Ring dimensions
Diameter (mm): 36, 40, 45, 50

Connector Diameter: 6 to 8 mm
Cage dimension
72 mm (Small)
88 mm (Large)

Strong points
Curve: Provides an unfinished and embarrassing erection with an original appearance.
Lightweight: Perfect for dynamic men who are looking for chastity.
Ergonomic: The various cock rings supplied with the cage guarantee you a good grip.
Transparent: You can admire your penis from the outside.

Soft urethral plug: Promises a feeling of intense penetration. During the erection, the penis remains compressed from the inside.
Electrostimulation: Rubber electrodes electrify the inside of your penis through the glans, testicles and urethra. Electricity contracts the Corpora Cavernosa like an erection.
Padlock type closure: For chastity lovers who like to hear the "little click" that heralds the beginning of abstinence.
Padlock Immobilizer: Restricts swaying and noise when the chastity cage moves.
Oval penis ring: Promotes comfort at the site of the testicles and reduces redness at the site of the scrotum.

Breathable: Benefit from various openings distributed over the entire surface.
Central slot: Located at the end of the glans penis and allows you to urinate cleanly.
Quality materials: Premium polycarbonate cage.
Easy to clean: wash the cage in lukewarm water and disinfect it with a neutral, odorless pH soap.

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