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EC008 Integral Electric Penis Cage

EC008 Integral Electric Penis Cage

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Ring Diameter

Note: Does not include motors. If you need a motor, you must purchase it separately:

Material: PC
Product include
1 chastity cage
1 urethral plug + cable (socket 2.5)
1 brass lock + 2 keys

Ring dimensions
Diameter (mm): 40-45-50

Cage dimension
Length: 80mm
Inner diameter: 33 mm

Urethral plug dimension:
Diameter: inside 3 mm | outside 6 mm

Length: 53mm

Strong points
Easy installation: cage in 2 independent parts.
Removable urethral plug: for a feeling of constant submission.
Electric shock: The plug comes with a cord that can be connected to a "shocker". After inserting the urethral probe as an electrode.
Internal locking: Reliable and discreet, it is the optimal lock for long-term locking.
Comfortable: smooth surface without sharp edges, rounded shape for good ergonomics.
Adjustable: The different sizes of the rings supplied with the cage ensure good support.
Curve: Promises an unfinished and embarrassing erection with an unusual appearance.
Lightweight: Perfect for dynamic men who are looking for chastity.

Breathable: Benefit from several ventilation slots that are arranged over the entire surface.
Central slot: It is located at the end of the glans and is used to urinate cleanly.
Quality materials: top quality plastic cage.
Easy to clean: wash the cage in lukewarm water and use mild, odorless soap to disinfect it.

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