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Experience Ultimate Control: Stainless Steel Small Male Chastity Cage

Experience Ultimate Control: Stainless Steel Small Male Chastity Cage

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What are Male Chastity Devices?
Male chastity devices. commonly referred to as penis cages. are worn around the penis shaft and head. secured in place by a testicle ring or belt. When the chastity device is locked. achieving an erection becomes uncomfortable or impossible. thereby preventing masturbation and penetration. To use. simply insert your flaccid penis into the appropriate-sized chastity cage. lock it. pass the key to the keyholder. and embark on a journey filled with tantalizing restraint and pleasure!
Why do people wear chicken coops?
Often viewed as BDSM sex toys. chastity devices facilitate an exchange of power between partners. The wearer. or submissive. relinquishes control over their sexual experiences to the keyholder. also known as the dominant. Additionally. chastity devices can aid in curbing addictions to activities like masturbation or sex. allowing the wearer to manage their urges and desires more effectively.

The cage has a glans pee opening

Smooth surface. stainless steel material. safe to use

Two styles of rings. Round rings and Arc rings. each ring has 4 sizes. please check the size you need when purchasing

How to Measure a Snap Ring

For reference only. not as a basis for purchase

Find a thin. non-elastic wire. twist it around the base of the JJ. and measure the length of the wire. This length is the circumference of the JJ root.(as shown below)

Straighten the wire and measure the total length (as shown below)

Ring diameter: 14 divided by 3.014 is approximately equal to 4.45 cm (the measurement method is for reference only. not as a basis for purchase)
Divide the circumference by 3.14 to equal the diameter. In general. choose a ratio that you measure. and it is best to use a slightly smaller diameter snap ring. or choose several snap rings with similar values. (Elastic and comfortable. very loose and easy to fall off. if you wear it too tight. you will not be able to wear it)

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