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Hollow Stainless Steel and Rubber Catheter Penis Plug

Hollow Stainless Steel and Rubber Catheter Penis Plug

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Dimension (inches):

Length: 8.07 inches full length. 4.92 inches rubber catheter

Width: 0.30 inch plug. 0.98 inch and 1.25 inch penis ring

  • Combination of Acorn Ring and Dilator Acorn ring inner diameter approx. 
  • Men's urethral dilators. Urinate and ejaculate with an inserted dilator! With rounded tip for easier insertion.
  • Urethra plug for widening and stimulating the urethra. Carefully inserted and slowly pushed forward. ensuring the erotic pleasure kick
  • Urethra plug for man's sensitive pleasure zone. The urethra plug is gently inserted into the urethra. You can enjoy completely new feelings of pleasure.
  • Note: Before and after use. disinfecting detergents must be used to keep the risk of infection as low as possible.

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