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Multifunctional Electrostimulation Box for Chastity Device

Multifunctional Electrostimulation Box for Chastity Device

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This electrostimulation box is supplied with:
2 multi-surface membranes: ideal for experimenting with the most sensitive areas of your body. Your playground is endless.
2 flexible and adjustable rings: Preferably placed on the penis, one at glans level and the other at its base near the scrotum. It can also fit around the testicles and nipples if it protrudes sufficiently.
1 USB power cord
1 jack cable 2.35 with 2x 2mm needle connections
1 socket 2.35 cable with 2x 3.5 mm head connection

Host properties:
9 programs available: each with a different electrical pulse rate to vary the sensations.
Timer: You can set the duration during which electric shocks are transmitted.
Variable performance: From very strong to very weak, your partner’s mood will change in a split second.
2 independent current outputs A & B: Each output can deliver a different current intensity. You can rest part of your partner’s body while beating and shaking another area.
Battery indicator: It is good to always keep an eye on the battery life. You shouldn’t break off your partner’s ordeal.
Simple interface: only 5 buttons.
Compatible with many other accessories:
Urethral plug
Anal plug
Nipple clamp
Penis ring

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