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Resin 3D Cobra Chastity Cage Chastity Device Sex Toys

Resin 3D Cobra Chastity Cage Chastity Device Sex Toys

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Material: Resin
Package delivery list: cage + 4 sizes of snap rings + one-time code lock * 5 + key * 1
Note: The color of the one-time code is random when shipping (there are two colors of black and white, if you need to specify the color, please note)
[Size] Please refer to the picture for the detailed size
[Size] Four sizes of inner diameter: 42MM, 45MM, 48MMM, 52MM (four different sizes of snap rings are delivered)
[Weight]: short net weight: 100 g , long net weight: 104 g
(Note: There will be a little error in the size of the product due to the measurement method, measuring instrument, factory production batch, etc. Generally, the error of ± 2 mm is normal, it is not a quality problem or the size description does not match, please do not shoot if you mind, thank you )

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