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Stainless Steel Bend Anal Butt Plugs

Stainless Steel Bend Anal Butt Plugs

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Material of the Curved Anal Plug: Aluminum Alloy
The size of the Curved Anal Plug:

Before using the metal butt toys, it is recommended to clean the
anal plug with a special cleanser or other cleaning agent. Using
lubricant on the anal plug can enhance your sex experience,
making it more comfortable and pleasurable.

To use the Curved Anal Plug, simply slowly insert one end of the
Anal Plug into your private part and thrust it with your hand.
The anal bead can be cooled or heated up for additional stimulation.
However, be careful to hold one end of the anal sex toy tightly
to prevent the anal plug from sliding into your body completely.

After use, clean the anal plug with water and cleaning agent, and
wipe it to keep it dry.

Please note that this product is intended for adult use only.
before use, and if you experience any discomfort, discontinue use

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