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Stainless Steel Cum Thru Urethral Sound

Stainless Steel Cum Thru Urethral Sound

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  • stainless steel: Made of stainless steel, skinfriendly, smooth and durable.
  • perfect size: It's a perfect size for couples and can be used as a chew gun. Lightweight and easy to carry, it is a perfect gift for friends or family.
  • est clover: This product is never rusty, it's also suitable for hanging on a tripod or hook. This is a pair of accessories for one who needs some customers that are just the ones.
  • decor: It is not just a decorative piece in your home.
  • flex: The rubber butt plug is nontoxic and tasteless, with a smooth surface, it can be reused for many times without any harm to your skin.

Color : Silver
Material : Stainless Steel
Type : Hollow Penis Plug
Dimension (inches): Length: 4.33 Width: 0.35. 0.24

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