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Urethral Dilation Penis Plug

Urethral Dilation Penis Plug

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Unisex! Metal Round Head Urethral Anal Plug Woman's G-Spot Stimulator Dildo Male Prostate Massager Gay Sex Toy Adult Products


1. Massage function: Through the massage sensitive area, the purpose of improving the quality of life of couples is achieved!

Metal material: safe, non-toxic, tasteless, durable, easy to pull, free to twist and not deform.

2. Smooth and rounded head, easier to enter the anus, step by step, moderate hardness, can be bent at will, bringing a different touch and passion.


Length: Both style at 2.28 inches

A Model: 0.24 inches
A Model: 0.31 inches
A Model: 0.39 inches
B Model: 0.24 inches
B Model: 0.31 inches
B Model: 0.39 inches

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